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BOSCH Steam ironSensixx'x DA30 Secure 2600 W - TDA3026110

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Marka: Bosch
Power Rating: 2600 Watt

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Teslimat: 2-3 İş Günü


Steam iron Comfortable and smooth ironing in all directions, with vibrant color options. 3AntiCalc: triple descaling system with self-clean, calc'n clean and integrated anti-calc 3AntiCalc: Anti-lime triple anti-lime system 3AntiCalc: Anti-lime triple anti-lime system Anti-lime triple anti-lime system. SelfClean is a triple descaling system consisting of Calc'nClean and an integrated AntiCalc System. Thanks to this system, you can safely use your iron for many years. Safe automatic shut-off system that cuts off electricity when not in use